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         Bill Halter is a multi- millionaire who came back to Arkansas to buy the Lt. Governor's office after living out of state for the last 25 years with more than 50% of his contributions coming from the state of California.
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        Bill Halter serves on the Board of a company (Akamai Technologies) that secretly piped porn touted as  the "Web's youngest teen girls" in sex acts , as well as off-shore gambling sites, into several universities.
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        Akamai, the company on whose Board Bill Halter serves, made possible interactive coverage of the AVN Awards, dubbed "the OscarsTM of Adult," produced and delivered on Sex.tv , advertied as the "largest free Webcast in history...500 million web users."  The AVN Awards are movie awards  sponsored and presented by the American  adult video industry trade magazine AVN to honor exceptional performance in various aspects of the creation and marketing of American pornographic moviesSex.tv is a pornography channel.  This part of Akamai and porn connections was never reported in the papers in Arkansas.  Bill Halter claims he didn't know about the porn. How could he as a board member of the company miss such a successful event for his company.  Even if by some kind of miracle he did miss it, what type of people are his associates?

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          The porn  that Akamai, the company on whose Board Bill Halter serves, also secretly piped porn  into high schools.  "Colleen B. Wilcox, superintendent of the 250,000-student school district  in Santa Clara County, Calif., …said she was disturbed to learn from information developed by Akamai competitors that the Akamai server in her school's [public school] network has been handling porn and gambling sites…. We certainly don't want to do anything to enhance or promulgate their ability to promote these Web sites. We just could not in good conscience tolerate that."  This aspect of the porn issue was never reported in the papers in Arkansas.  [More info]


          Bill Halter decided to get married this past January in California at Stanford Universities Memorial Church in Palo Alto, CA.  This Church also has allowed gay and lesbian couples to use the church for commitment ceremonies for the last ten years. http://billhalter.com/node/85  See wedding picture http://billhalter.com/node/86  If you doubt this information, find the church phone at this link http://yp.kentucky.com/bin/cgidir.dll?MEM=1215  and call them.:


        Bill Halter has put more than $1.17 million of his own money into his campaign.
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        Through August, Bill Halter has received only 5% of his money from people in Arkansas.
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        Halter's out-of-state contributions have come from California and other liberal states with practically none of it coming from surrounding or conservative states. Half of his contributions have come from  California.
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        Akamai, the company on whose Board Halter served also secretly piped offshore gambling sites into the colleges (and I presume high schools). Akamai Technologies, the Cambridge Internet company, is using server computers installed on networks at university campuses to help deliver content for teen-pornography Web sites and offshore gambling sites whose legality is in question located their main computers outside the United States because many state and federal prosecutors expect the sites violate US and state laws, although their legality has not been fully established.   [More Info]


        Halter was fired from the only job he held in Arkansas in the last 25 years because his "tenure yielded no obvious progress, "  but Halter consistently  touts his business experience as a reason to vote for him for Lt. Governor and criticizes his opponent's leadership.  [More Info]


       According to a press release by Halter's opponent in the primary, Halter's business ventures with four out of five companies have been financial disasters, losing over a half billion dollars.   [More Info]

       "Democrat Bill Halter, who has touted his business experience and memberships on the boards of successful biotech firms in his campaign for lieutenant governor, has left the board of a California startup [Calif.-based InterMune Inc] that has burned through nearly $500 million without ever turning a profit.   The firm, which is also the target of a Justice Department investigation, is among several struggling companies with which Halter is affiliated and which, according to the candidate, potentially could reap big profits....By Wednesday afternoon, after inquiries from the Arkansas News Bureau, the campaign had updated the Web site to exclude Halter's membership on the InterMune board."  See this article for further information on this issue. Unprofitable California biotech under federal inquiry as Halter exits board, Wesley Brown, Arkansas News Bureau. http://www.arkansasnews.com/archive/2006/06/01/News/336429.html  [More Info]


Halter's Response on The Porn Issue


         Bill Halter's only defense when confronted with his connection to pornography and gambling was to say he didn't know about it.  However, a board member is legally responsible for the actions of a company.  Halter didn't deny it; the company's representatives didn't deny it; but Halter still blasted his opponent, Tim Wooldridge, saying he was using reckless smear tactics.


        Naturally, Halter would deny he knew anything about it, knowing that it could well be the death of  his campaign.  The media didn't even push him to apologize, produce any proof, or investigate it further.  The media just let is slide, leaving most of Arkansans with no knowledge of the issues. 


          In one newspaper article the statement was made that the decision to pump the porn and gambling sites into the colleges by the Akamai company was an executive decision, not the Board's decision. It is simple logic to assume that executives make decisions they know will be tolerated by the Board.  Halter was one of five board members. Can anyone imagine any executives making a decision to pump porn and gambling sites to anyone, much less college students, if  Senator Jim Holt were on the Board? 


         Now in another situation involving sexual messages, many of Halter's liberal peers are actually demanding that US House of Representatives Speaker, Dennis Hastert, step down.  They claim Hastert did not fulfill his responsibility in not preventing Mark Foley, a 20 year Republican representative, from writing scandalous sex messages to young  pages on Capitol Hill. 


         Of course, Mark Foley has resigned as he should, but they still are screaming for Hastert's job.   In the meantime, here in Arkansas, Bill Halter was awarded the Democratic Primary nomination for Lt. Governor even after the porn issues came to light.  Mark Foley's actions (not to mitigate in any way the seriousness of Foley's actions)   involved a small number of sexual messages in comparison to the thousands and thousands sent by Akamai on whose board Halter sat.   


         There has been  no follow up or outcry on Halter's activities in the porn connection through Akamai - the company on whose Board he sits now and sat at the time when this pornography and gambling sites were being conveyed to thousands of college students, to the shock of the colleges administrators and the parents. 


        Surely someone needs to hold Halter accountable, and hopefully it will be the voters in Arkansas.


For  several Arkansas newspapers on Akamai and Halter and porn connection, see these links:  Not much coverage for such powerful information.  Had it been a Republican candidate, it would have been all over the paper for months and more investigation into the matter.   They just dropped it after the Primary and the last two articles came only after Senator Holt mentioned it again in a debate.


Interesting note:  One of the links on this website http://www.akamai.com/en/html/about/board_directors.html  (on the lst more info. link at bottom of page)  for Akamai has become inactive after this website went up.  The message on the link says "the page you are trying to reach cannot be found or has been moved." Halter, as a board member would have the power to do that. 

































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